Les Original Sound Tracks de Saint Seiya

De nombreux cd des o.s.t. de Saint Seiya sont parus au Japon. En voici une liste à priori exhaustive avec les titres et les durées.

Saint Seiya Hits 1
CD de 44min 24sec
Pagasus Fantasy
Can't Say Good Bye
Friends in the sky
Love Forever
Final Soldier
I am fight
Beautiful Child
Stardust Way
Blue Forever

Saint Seiya Hits 2
CD de 40min 23sec
Diamond Dust
Golden Heart
Stop the Fate
Nebula Chain
You're Phoenix
Dragon Blood
We're Fearless Warriors

Saint Seiya Boys Be
CD de 42min 43sec
Soldier Dream
We are saint
Round and round
Best Friend
Lonely my way
Wake you alone
Stay away
Boys be
Blue Dream

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 1
CD de 44min 18sec
Pegasus RyuSeiKen
Sanctuary, Precept of Death
Galaxian Wars
Burn Cosmos
Promise in Protection Stars
Goddedd's Saint
Revenger Phoenix
Black Saint's Challenge
Sad Brothers
Era of Legend

Saint seiya O.S.T. 2
CD de 54min 31sec
Evil Goddess Eris
Inside a Dream
Warrior of Sagittarius
Gather ! Under the supervision of Athena
Glide ! Pegasus
Pope Ares
Aria of the Three
Another Field
Guidance of Constellation
Athena's Theme
Dilemma - Shadow is Approching
Night Before Battle
Beautiful Gold Saints
Seven Senses
Ikki's Theme
New Battles
Group of Assassins
Fight ! Sanctuary
Cosmo of Friendship

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 3
CD de 45min 52sec
Pegasus Fantasy (TV Size)
Intense Cosmo
Blue Forever (Instrumental)
Athena's Love
Resting of Warrior
Hoo Yoku Ten Shoo
Sanctuary's Shudder
Cygnus - Warrior of Ice
Direction of Heated Fights
Saint of Hope
Far Reaching Five Old
Remember Sadness
Enter ! Steps of Evil
Pegasus Fantasy (Instrumental)
Launch Ryu Sei Ken
Blue Forever (TV Size)

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 4 : God's heated battle
CD de 41min 33sec
Opening - Northern Legend
Asgard's Brothers and Sisters
Odin, Evil God Clan
Disconnected Friendship
Mjolnir's Hammer
Save Goddess !
God Warrior vs. Saint
Gold Cloth, Descent
Frey - Hero of Love and Justice
God's Dusk - Wagner Rock
Finish - Under the Wood of the "World Tree"
Illusions of twelve temples
Andromeda Shun, That Fight
Escape from Devil Castle
And the Era of Holy Wars ...

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 5 : Legend of Crimson Youth
CD de 42min 12sec
Abel's Theme
Saori's Decision
Athena's Death
Challenge Gods
Heated Saints
Phoenix Gen Ma Ken
Gemini's Betrayal
Unbending Will
Deukalion's Big Floods
Athena Revived
Corona Temple's Destruction
You are my Reason to Be (Movie Version)

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 6 : Golden Ring Chapter
CD de 44min 42sec
Polaris Hilda
Nibelung Ring
New Wars Comes Up
Legendary God Warriors
the Tears of Sad Heroes
Toward Valhalla Temple
Cursed Goddess
For the Lovely Earth
Saint Legend (Soldier Dream Instrumental)
Find Balmung Sword
Dream Traveller (Blue Dream Instrumental)

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 7 : Poseidon Chapter
CD de 39min 23sec
Under Sea Temple
Mermaid's Calling
Another Holy War
Shining ! Bronze Cloth
Siren Sorento
the King of the Sea comes
Dead End Symphony
Seven Generals
Time of Destruction
Legend of Poseidon
Athena Revived

Saint Seiya O.S.T. 8 : Warriors of the last holy war
CD de 44min 01sec
Opening Dawn
Child of Dawn, Lucifer
Devil Temple
Sacred Sacrifice
Fallen Angel vs. Saint
Bell of Angelus Prayer
Golden Mantis
Last Holy War
Arrow of Sun
Finish Hymn of Light
Fantasy Maze
Warriors of Constellation
Decision of Destiny
Saints of Hope, Forever

Saint Seiya : King of the Underworld Hades Chapter
CD de 51min 52sec
Overture Hades
108 MaSei
Interlude I
Dead or Dead
Twin Salas
Interlude II
Young Saints Oh
Interlude III
Pandora's Box
Interlude IV
Interlude V
Greatest Eclipse
Shine On

Saint Seiya Hades Singles
CD de 22min 46sec
Onaji Aozora
Onaji Aozora 2
Chikyugi No voice
Onaji Aozora No voice
Chikyugi TV version

Saint Seiya : Tenkai Hen Overture
CD de 52min 08sec
Tenkai Hen Josô e no Zensô Kyoku
Artemis's Appearance
Athena's Love
Seiya and Marin
Seiiki no Kutou
Seiya, Futatabi
Shun vs Theseus
Ikki Toujou
Saint of Athena
Tsurai Tatakai
Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu vs Odysseus
Icarus no Omoi
Seiya vs Icarus
Yasashi Koku
Ugokidashita Unmei
Urushite ...
Athena no Ketsui
Touma to Marin
Ultimate Research of Cosmo
Itsuka, Dokoka de ...
Never - Saint Seiya's Theme

Saint Seiya : Galaxian Wars - Dream Battle Chapter
CD de 41min 45sec
Pegasus Fantasy (TV Size)
Galaxian Wars - Dream Battle Part 1 - Pegasus Seiya vs Andromeda Shun
Galaxian Wars - Dream Battle Part 2 - Dragon Shiryu vs Cygnus Hyoga
Rival of Destiny - Cassios Part 1 - Aiolia, Horriable Lighting Plasma
Rival of Destiny - Cassios Part 2 - Cassios, Dying for Love
Blue Forever (TV Size)

Saint Seiya : Piano Fantasia (piano instrumental)
CD de 46min 0sec
Promise in Protection Star
Nebula Chain
Pegasus Fantasy
Dessin 1 "North Star Hilda"
Blue Forever
Dessin 2 "North Star Hilda"
Under Sea Temple
Blue Dream
Dessin 3 "Save Goddess !"
Soldier Dream
Athena's Theme

Saint Seiya Omega : Opening rippés
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